Vickie’s work is pure magic! She is a kind soul who will safely guide you to a restful place of healing & learning. Very attentive & thorough in her work. Highly recommended!
Lorissa A
Vickie has been such a transformative asset to my spiritual and emotional being. She is fully present and contains a wealth of knowledge I admire so deeply. I highly recommend and am so grateful for her guidance.
Rachael H
Vickie is so highly intuitive and such a talented healer and with her background in Social Work she is an exceptional spiritual counselor Vickie will help you with many aspects of your life and I highly recommend her holistic healing sessions!
Aisling B
Vickie is a gem! I have seen her for energy healing for a long time and always appreciate the way she brings her different healing skills and intuitive guidance to her sessions with Reiki, card readings, herbs, essential oils, sound and light.
Charlie O
Vickie came highly recommended by a trusted resource and she is amazing! Every experience I've had with Vickie has been transformative as I always feel seen and understood by her. Vickie is kind, authentic, nurturing, a powerful true healer and she leaves an impact that lights the way to inner wisdom. If I were asked to imagine and describe Mother Nature as an actual human being, I would describe Vickie.
R Olsen
I really enjoy every minute that I get the pleasure of spending with Vickie. Her energy is warm, nurturing, and peaceful. She has helped open my eyes to so much, and I look forward to every session. I highly recommend Vickie for Reiki healing!
Brittany L
Finding Vickie at Mosaic Moon Reiki changed my life. I didn’t want traditional therapy anymore, which always left me feeling broken or wounded. Vickie has helped me find my voice, helped me embrace a stance of empowerment and continues to nurture my growth and natural abilities. Vickie is a gifted healer and dedicated teacher. I am so grateful for finding Mosaic Moon Reiki.
Lily M
Vickie is a rare breed of healers, as someone who has worked extensively on my healing and with other healers - Vickie has quickly become a foundation of divine healing in my life. There’s a natural healing force that surrounds Vickie and a powerful force that she embodies which has allowed me to transform into the person I am meant to be. Here’s your sign and chance to truly HEAL with someone gifted beyond earthly words that I can describe. I recommend Vickie to anyone serious and dedicated to healing. Thank you for being you, Vickie!
Allison D