Tools and Allies to Protect Your Personal Energy 

The practice of grounding, protecting, shielding and clearing your personal energy is very important for sensitive, intuitive, and empathic people! Angels, Guides and Animal Spirit Guardians are our allies in protecting and clearing our energy field. Using tools such as crystals, essentials oils, smudge, and spoken commands are beneficial for healthy vibrant energy.


Negative energies hinder life force by consuming energy. Energy leaks from your Aura/Personal Energy Field can leave you feeling drained, low energy, tired, and depleted. Learning how to ground and protect your energy with your tools and allies will improve your energy level and well-being. Using mindful practices during the day and night will improve your energy level and sense of well being. 

Shamanic Reiki Master, Vickie Martina, teaches energy clearing techniques and tools such as crystals, plant medicine, and spoken commands to ground, protect, and clear your personal energy, home, car and work environment. Class includes a guided meditation and Animal Medicine Cards for messages from your Allies.