Practitioner Mentoring

Practitioners who work in the realm of spiritual work and holistic healing such as Reiki, Healing Touch, Massage, Counseling, & Bodywork, may find themselves feeling discouraged or depleted. If you are feeling overwhelmed, blocked or unbalanced and feel you could benefit from intuitive guidance, support and encouragement, one on one mentoring with Vickie can help you reach your potential.  


Vickie has mentored Social Work Interns and Holistic Practitioners seeking counseling, guidance, and professional growth methods for a successful business practice. Vickie teaches heart centered techniques to help you develop intuition, protect your personal energy, establish healthy boundaries, and build confidence.

Vickie offers wisdom from practical experience and intuitive guidance in her mentoring sessions with Practitioners.  Working with an Intuitive Holistic Mentor empowers you to move forward successfully on your own healing path and abundantly flow in your business practice and service to others.  


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