Goddess Moon Circles

Vickie’s Moon Circles are esoteric gatherings for women to honor the Divine Feminine Goddess, Mother Earth, and the Moon through the Women’s Empowerment Pathways of: 

Divine Feminine Spirituality | Sacred Sisterhood  | Goddess Wisdom + Moon Astrology | Intuitive Guidance + Oracle Cards | Reiki + Ritual

Join our women’s circle for community, friendship, inspiration, empowerment, and Moon Magic!


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Vickie offers powerful healing to the community with her Moon Circles, so if you are looking for a community that allows you to embrace your unique feminine sovereignty, heal and release old stories that hold you back from your highest self… all while being among other women doing the same; I encourage you to try one of the monthly moon circles! It is truly an uplifting gift of empowerment to be around other like minded women!
Frances M
Was blessed to meet Vickie during one of her Moon Circles. Since becoming a regular participant in this divine gathering of women, I have also experienced her as a healer and the layered facets of practical and spiritual gifts she brings to her sessions gifts the recipient a powerful multi-dimensional experience. Vickie guides you on a complete journey through mind, body, spirit, release & cleansing. Her energy is deeply nurturing, nourishing & intuitive. At the beginning of the session she asks permission to access your energy. My response... "always". Our souls know where it is safe to place our trust.