LumiCeuticals Harmonic Light Systems

Harmonic light combines the ultimate biological nutrient of Light and the tuning  of Vibrational Frequency to profoundly benefit your mind, body, and spirit. The visible red, blue, and “invisible” infrared light lights have been shown, in more than 50 years of independent research to effect positive changes at the cellular level.  

Benefits of Light Therapy:

Relieve Pain and Increase Circulation | Reduce Stress and Restore Vitality | Energize and Renew Cells

During a Harmonic Light Session as you sit or lay down comfortably, the light pads are placed on your body, with the eye mask placed over the eyes and the controller set for the desired healing frequencies for each session.

LED Light Therapy Offered:

Harmonic Healing Light Sessions | Chakra Balancing Sessions | Rent a Trial System | Own a System for Daily Use Benefits

Lights provided as Add-on option to 60-minute Nurture Appointments

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