Divine Feminine Workshop: The Goddess Calls

As the Universal Yin energy of the Sacred Feminine rises on the planet, women worldwide are uniting to stand in our power, speak our truth, and have our collective voice be heard to heal the old patriarchal paradigm,

The Mother Goddess is Rising, and She is calling You!

Today, you may be experiencing the symptoms of the invisible disease of repression in our culture that does not allow the attention, care, and freedom of expression you need and deserve. This energy manifests in feelings of misery, overwhelm, loneliness, anxiety, depression, and illness of body, mind, spirit and heart.

Vickie Martina, MSW, CRMT, Divine Feminine Intuitive, and Holistic Energy Healer, is here to guide you on your healing journey back to self. Through her Women’s Empowerment Pathway, you will reclaim your innate Divine Feminine strength, wisdom, and power to live your true destiny. 

Feel Free of anxiety, frustration, perceived limitations, and dis-ease as you release, renew, and recalibrate through deep self-care in this transformational healing workshop. Together, we will access subconscious ancestral beliefs, heal old wounds, and reveal your true essence as you emerge onto your personal path of empowerment!

As you align with the mystical Divine Feminine power and wisdom of the Universal Goddess energies, you will flow with the liberation, intuition, and magic of your own divine Goddess spirit!

Are You Ready to Dance with the Divine Feminine and Give Voice to Your Inner Goddess? If so, this workshop is for you!

In this workshop you will:

·        Be introduced to the ancient Triple Goddess who symbolizes and honors the three phases of a women’s life: Maiden, Mother, and Crone/Grandmother and how she personally relates to you.

·        Discover the Great Goddess, the Divine Mother, and all her expressions of creativity, intuition, healing, nurturing, strength, courage, independence, beauty of the female body in all forms, sacred sexuality, warrioress, both gentle and fierce, light and dark and the womb of life.

·        Gain insight into the cultures, myths, and archetypes of the Goddesses around the world and how they are alive and relevant to support you.  

·        Learn which of the Goddess lineages you are in alignment with and how you can invite them into your life for inspiration and empowerment: Isis, Kwan Yin, Bridget, White Buffalo Woman, Spider Woman, Green Tara, Lillith, Rhiannon, Skuld, Athena, Artemis, Sedna, Venus, Cerridwyn, and many more!

·        Sit in Sacred Sisterhood Circle with Goddesses, AnSisters and the women of our community for support and empowerment.

·        Discover how your personal ancestral patterns and family belief systems and conditioned thinking can cause self-sabotage.

·        Engage in shadow work to release subconscious programming and reactive triggers for deep healing and opportunity for growth.

·        Learn about the nine major Chakras in your energy system and how to heal and holistically support them with food, herbs, essential oils, and crystals.

·        Receive Reiki and Light & Color Therapy from the LED Chakra Wand at each workshop to heal and balance your Chakras for holistic harmony.

·        Learn about the energetic and spiritual Tools and Allies to Protect Your Personal Energy Field.

·        Embark on a Shamanic Drum Journey with your Spirit Guides to receive illumination and inspiration.

·        Learn the power of conscious language and understand how it affects what you create and manifest daily.

·        Increase your feminine intuition as you practice your psychic powers of Clairvoyance (seeing), Clairaudience (hearing), Clairsentience (feeling), Claircognizance (knowing), and Clairolfactory (smelling/tasting).

·        Align yourself with Mother Earth and her cycles and with the Moon and her phases to create, manifest, and thrive with these divine feminine forces.

·        Receive illuminating guidance from the Divine Feminine Oracle, the Goddess Power Deck, the Oracle of the Mermaids, and The Queen of the Moon Oracle.

·        Engage in esoteric Witchery with influences of psychic intuition, ritual, spell casting, the elements of earth, air, water, and spirit, the energies of the four directions, herbal plant medicine, oracle/tarot cards, altars of sacred space and moon magic as you create your cauldron of potential.

Your Divine Inner Goddess is calling YOU! Are You Ready to Liberate Her? Give Voice to Her?  Align with Her Wisdom and Power? Become Her to Live your Best Life?

Say YES!  And this Wise Woman Wellness Workshop is for you!

Dance with the Divine Feminine Workshop Series Dates TBA