Dance with the Divine Feminine

Healing Experience for Women

In ancient times the belief of the male/female Yin/Yang principle of God and Goddess were equally valued, respected, and honored in all cultures which created a balanced society.


For thousands of years, the overarching masculine has suppressed the feminine and demanded how women are to be in the world. This has been imprinted on our female consciousness through social conditioning, layers of domestication, and ancestral patterns. 


The oppression of the Goddess Mother energy has significantly impacted generations of women worldwide disempowering us and depriving us of our voices. But in this new Astrological cycle of Aquarius, The Mother Goddess is Rising, and she is calling You.


You may be experiencing the symptoms of the invisible disease of repression in our culture that does not allow the attention, care, and freedom of expression you need and deserve. This energy manifests in feelings of misery, overwhelm, loneliness, anxiety, depression, and illness.


In this healing program, you will release, recalibrate, and heal the old belief systems and patterns that do not serve you.  As you align with the Rising of the Divine Feminine energies of love, compassion, and strength, you will connect to your authentic self and be free to create and manifest your new life.


Can you hear her? Your Divine Inner Goddess is calling You!


Ancient Goddess traditions from many cultures around the world are returning in modern times. As the Divine Feminine rises, women worldwide are uniting to stand in our power, speak our truth, and have our collective voice be heard. Together, we heal the old paradigm restoring balance to our beloved planet for our daughters and granddaughters to come. 


Are You Ready to Dance with the Divine Feminine and give voice to your Inner Goddess? 

As a Divine Feminine Intuitive, Vickie will guide you on your healing journey back to your truth. Her healing experience includes working through family, religious, and social conditioning, ancestral patterns, and subconscious belief systems. Feel free of anxiety, frustration, and dis-ease as you release, renew, and transform through deep healing and self-care.

Join the  Dance with the Divine Feminine and reclaim your innate Sacred Feminine power and wisdom to live your true destiny!


Divine Feminine Healing Program: 3-90-minute sessions $330 


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