Healing for Women – Dance with the Divine Feminine

In ancient times the belief of the male/female Yin/Yang principle of God and Goddess were equally valued, respected, and honored in all cultures which created a balanced society.

For thousands of years, the overarching masculine has suppressed the divine feminine energy of the Mother Goddess and demanded how women are to be in the world. This has been imprinted on our female consciousness through social conditioning, layers of domestication, and ancestral patterns significantly impacting and disempowering generations of women worldwide.

You may be experiencing the resulting symptoms of the invisible disease of female oppression in our culture that does not allow the attention, care, and freedom of expression you need and deserve. This energy manifests in feelings of misery, overwhelm, loneliness, anxiety, depression, and illness.

As a Divine Feminine Intuitive, Vickie specializes in women’s wellness and offers empowerment pathways for women through her Community Moon Circles, Goddess Wisdom, and her Dance with the Divine Feminine Healing Series.

In her Divine Feminine Sessions, Vickie will guide you on a healing journey of the soul with Reiki, Counseling, and Intuitive Guidance to release, recalibrate, and heal old belief systems, ancestral patterns, and social conditioning. 

Feel free of anxiety, frustration, and dis-ease as you release, renew, and transform through deep healing and self-care. These holistic therapies for women provide transformational healing, insight, and empowerment to return to your true essence.

The Great Goddess is Rising! Are you ready to rise with her and reclaim your inner Goddess power and wisdom to create your best life and live your destiny?