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Chakra Workshops

Chakras are energy centers in the human body also known as “spinning wheels of light.” The seven main chakras are the same colors as the rainbow. Chakras work together energetically to inform the holistic function of our body, mind, and spirit. 


Chakra function can be affected by stress, illness, diet, medications, negative energy from others and unhealthy lifestyles. Understanding how to support our bodies and chakras with holistic health and wellness methods supports a healthy harmonious flow of energy and sense of well-being. 

The 5 workshop series includes the major 7 Chakras plus Higher Heart, Earth Star and Soul Star Chakras.


Each workshop will focus on the physical and quantum physical functions of the Chakras, Sanskrit name, associated sound, color, organs, glands, archetypes, ruling planet, element, foods, crystals, and essential oils.

Learn how understanding your chakra system can heal your body, mind and spirit.

Each workshop includes a personal Chakra healing and balancing with the LumiCeutical Chakra Wand.